Breaky Binges

When I find something I enjoy I tend to binge on it for a good while. Like a pack of Tim Tams, I’ll eat them until I can eat them no longer. Right now it’s all about Breaky Binges. So feast your eyes on my top 5 picks and enjoy. You can thank me later!





‘Why is the Paleo way such an ‘in’ thing right now when it seems so bland and unadventurous?!’ 

I find myself pouring over this question more often than I’d pour a jar of Nutella over some strawberries for dessert. But then, I discovered Patch - I quickly ate my words. 

Set in a bright industrial studio with high ceilings and plenty of natural light, the cafe centres around an open kitchen where you can witness first hand chefs in their natural habitat, juggling sizzling pans with precision and finally plating up their vibrant creations right in front of your eyes.

Ethically sourcing seasonal produce, Patch’s always inspiring ‘All-day’ menu will not disappoint. Offering your general classics with a serious point of difference; Chilli Scramble with paleo toast (and might I say the BEST paleo toast I’ve ever encountered), Smashed Avo (with a scattering of pomegranate seeds that enjoy their own party in your mouth), Bircher (my fav) and the kicker; Pulled Pork Hash amongst a variety of veg and a smooth as silk apple cider hollandaise. If you’re feeling overly adventurous and perhaps fancy yourself a bit of a clean eater, like I normally do when I visit, grab a Golden Latte and reap the anti-inflammatory rewards of Tumeric. ’tis the goods!

Aside from the fresh as F food, Patch has opened my mind. I still don't get what an activated almond is but I'm not fussed. What I do get is Patch’s mission and I really respect them for doing it subtly. 

Patch  1/3 Bendigo Street, Richmond 3121 (03) 9029 0328. 

Opening Hours M-F 7am - 4pm S-S 8am - 4pm


Ascot Food Store

Ascot Food Store


As I drive in to the depths of Monee Ponds, I begin to wonder where the heck I’m headed and then I see it! I’m drawn to its Broadway-esque lighting scheme out front and, like the Drama Queen I am, I already love it! Formerly a Spanish Delicatessen with a three bedroom residence out the back, this stand alone cafe has a touch of spunk (just like its owner and head chef, Dave Stewart).

Dave works tirelessly to bring his diners aesthetic, unique and vibrant dishes - restaurant quality at café prices. He’s legit (and totes obsessed with serving everything on black plates. He’ll hate me for saying it! Ha). 

If you’re on some sort of cleanse, don't bother coming. It’s all about everything here; thick, lush slices of brioche (recipe by Dave and baked by Dench) spread with parfait and accompanied by the most gargantuan duck egg you’ve ever seen, doughnuts spiked with syringes ready to inject deliciousness, Confit Lobster Burger and the list goes on and on and literally on. Everything is presented so delicately yet packs a punch, it’s all magnificently rich without being offensive in the slightest. All the ingredients shine in their own way!

Most food writers make special mention of where cafes source their coffee, not me, I’m making special mention of AFS’s hot chocolate. My good god, it’s glorious. Dave is hell bent on sourcing some serious product and by all means he did just that by sourcing Mork Chocolate, for addicts like me, PLUS they use St David Dairy milk just to really give you the full experience. Epic mouth feels!

Get on down, it’s worth the adventure!

Ascot Food Store 320 Ascot Vale Road Moonee Ponds 3039 (03) 9370 2649

Opening Hours - 7am - 4pm

Left Field

Left Field


Think Tall Timber, because those guys were behind the little treat. 

Left Field is perched on a quiet corner of the residential suburb of Carnegie. If you ask me, they couldn't have picked a better site - it’s exactly what this area needs and it’s pretty obvious too with a hefty line of locals out the door waiting for their take-away coffees and not a single vacant seat in sight.

Left Field opened its doors in May and I seriously don't think their head chef, Ryan Lording (former head chef at Tall Timber), has taken a day off since. Gives a good indication of how popular they've been!

Beetroot cured ocean trout with quinoa and avocado salad, smoked beef short rib braised in pomegranate accompanied by spicy black beans, feta, fried egg and a slice of crunchy Turkish bread - all of this I ordered and just when I thought I couldn't possibly eat any more Ryan delivers their signature dish, Oreo Cookies and Cream slider (carefully created by their pastry Princess, Lydia Hean). Concerned I had already crammed too much food into my tum tum I had no choice but to let out my jeans for fear the old Oreo Sliders wouldn't fit. They did! And they were lush!

A balanced breaky is what its all about. Chef Ryan has thought of everything; balance, flavour, seasonality and wellbeing.

Left Field 358 Koornang Road, Carnegie 3163

Opening Hours: M-F 7am - 4pm, S-S 7.30am - 4pm

Sth Central

Sth Central


Just off Toorak Road, and a hop skip and a jump from South Yarra station, you’ll find Sth Central. Boasting a super sleek interior as well as a pretty adventurous breaky menu, it’s fair to say i’m hooked on this place.

I wouldn't normally admit to being unadventurous when it comes to ordering breaky on a normal day but what of it, we’re all friends now. So yeh, I’m generally your eggs, bacon and avo kinda girl but not at Sth Central, heck no I went straight for the Kromeski which were TO. DIE. FOR. Gorgeous fried parcels of pork a top a polite arrangement of krispy kale and smashed peas accompanied by a poached egg and a generous lashing of ‘guilt free’ béarnaise. ‘Why stop there’, I usually say to myself… ‘I gotta do sweet too!’ So of course the Crunchy Bircher scattered with strawberries, mint, hazelnuts and the very best part, lemon curd. A goey, sweet, crunchy party that feels oh so right in my gob!

Best place to take a few girls for a chatty catch up!

Sth Central 4 Yarra St, South Yarra 3141

Opening Hours: M-F 7am, S-S 8am


Sometimes an understated breaky is exactly what I crave when I head into the CBD for meetings. 

A fresh slice of crunchy warm bread drizzled in olive oil, topped with a luxurious ball of buffalo mozzarella, San Daniele prosciutto and a sprinkling of thyme - that really hits the spot. 

Fresh Oj, decent coffee, friendly staff and prompt service is what Cecconis dishes up during the week.

If you find yourself in need of a place to hold a breaky meeting in the city, this is it!

Cecconis 61 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000 (03) 8663 0500